Dreamway Hotel: A stay you will Never Forget

Are you planning a trip to a hill station but aren’t sure where to stay? Do you have a lost list of resorts near Morni hills made, and are confused and unable to shortlist one? Why not try considering a stay in Hotel Dreamway & Restaurant?

It is located in a village named Budhi in Morni Hills that provides an excellent location which is surrounded by natural beauty. You can see pine trees all around you along with a view of a valley.

Facilities provided

You get to choose the room you want to stay in which could have facilities like air conditioner, mini bar, cable connection, ironing board, tea making facilities, intercom, hair dryer and lot more.

The common lobby and hall include facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna, Jacuzzi, lounge, hair salon and the front desk is always available at your disposal 24 hours.

Customer satisfaction

We know that customer satisfaction is utmost important when it comes to our clients so we strive to take care of your little needs too. If not satisfied with our service, you can register a complaint which will be immediately focused and accordingly best hospitality will be provided to you.

Provision of the best ambiance

When it comes to selecting hotels, one thing that comes to your mind that matters the most is the ambiance of the hotel. There are many hotels and resorts in Morni hills, but the ambiance and unique services provided by Dreamway Hotel & Restaurant is so mesmerizing that every time you come to visit Morni Hills, you’ll want to stay with us.

A peaceful stay

One always expects to stay in a place where there isn’t much human interference along with a calm environment. We not only provide the soothing environment, but also equip you with luxury and all the needed amenities. You could peacefully work too away from any kind of disturbances about which we are quite particular about.

Places around to visit around

If you are planning to visit the following places, then you must consider staying with us as it will be more convenient for you to travel to these places:

Tikkar Taal

It is a lake in the footsteps of a hill where you can go for boating, forest walks or trekking.

Thakur Dwar Temple

I’s existence goes back to the 12th century and is believed to be made by Pandavas. Many stories have been linked to this temple which might interest you.

Morni Fort

It is a stone structure which was built in the 17th century at a great height. There was also a reservoir in the middle, which was later filled up. The structure of its dome is very beautifully built and is believed to be well planned for the purpose of keeping atmosphere cool.

Yadvinder Garden and Water Park

It is commonly known as Pinjore garden and has gained popularity over the years. If you are fond of water parks and gardens, then this place is meant for you.

What are you waiting for? Plan a trip today and give us a chance make you feel special with our services designed especially for you.

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