Best Places To Roam Around In Bangalore

Bengaluru was in olden times, called the Garden City of India. In recent times, it has achieved popularity as the Silicon City of India because of the presence of a large number of software companies. Are you newly married and stay in the US? Then the best place to visit for a honeymoon in Bangalore. In this article, you gain information on the best places to roam around in Bangalore.

1. Bugle Rock Garden (Bangalore South)

It is true, Bangalore city has lost some parks, but still, there are areas where you see lush green spaces. One among them is the popular Bugle Rock Garden. It is located in Basavanagudi, and the rock formation is believed to be more than 3000 million years old. In the local language, it is known as Kahale Bande. You can see the famous watch tower built by Bangalore’s founder Kempe Gowda II on the Bugle Rock. The area has a dimension of 16 acres. Do not miss to visit this place during the visit to Bangalore.

2. Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan

This Palace is situated just a few km from Majestic Bus Stand, Bangalore. The monument is a tribute to Indo-Islam architecture. It was known by other names such as Rash e Jannat or Envy of Heaven. You will stand mesmerized by the motifs, balconies, and arches in the palace.

The Palace has two storeys and is lined with wooden pillars and excellent brackets.

3. Utility Building

This building has lost its sheen in present times. But two decades ago, it was popular as the tallest building in the city. You can get a bird like-view of the city from the top floor of the building. It is present on one of the busiest roads in the city, MG Road. The height of this building is more than 325 feet.

Best Places To Roam Around In Bangalore – Unusual Activities

4. Snow City

If you are a tourist from a hot place such as Chennai, do not forget to visit the Snow City in Bangalore. You can experience Shimla and Manali in this place.

There are various activities to enjoy such as snow tube sliding and snowfall. You can also see igloos. To love the experience, you will be provided with snow boots and snow jackets. It is a two-hour journey from Majestic Bus stand. If you are staying in a hotel near Majestic, please note that you can go to this place with a 45-minute ride by bike. Address – Opposite TV Tower, Jayamahal Main Road, Bangalore.

5. Parasailing

Does your wife love adventure? Then go for parasailing near Jakkur aerodrome. You can have the experience of a bird. You can opt for this activity during the weekends.

6. Go Karting

If you want to have fun, then there are places to opt for all kinds of activities such as Go Karting. Are you game to the idea? Then please note down the places – Play Arena (besides Sarjapur Main Road), Raceway Motorsports (present in Kanakapura Main Road) and Patel’s Inn Resort (R.T Nagar).

7. Magazine Store

Have you ever been to a place, where cats are present in a bookstore? No, no, they are not present to eat the rats. If you love the animal with fur and also books, plan for a trip to this place. There are a total of 19 cats present in this store. And the advantage – you can get magazines across the globe. The Store is located at Church Street.

8. Tumkur

Do you want to go to a spiritual place situated a few km from Bangalore? Then go to Tumkur. It is just an hour journey by bike. And some important places are

• Siddaganga Mutt
• Devarayana Durga
• Sri Chennakeshava Temple
• Goravanahalli Lakshmi temple

Do not forget to visit the Marakonahalli Dam and Jayamangali Blackbuck reserve.

9. Malleshwaram

Do you want to take a break and just roam in an area where you can see old lakes, ancient temples, do shopping and more? Then the best place is Malleshwaram. Situated in the heart of the city, be present before 7 am for the morning walk at Sankey Tank. You can also visit the ancient Kadu Malleshwara temple and Sri Nandishwara Temple in 18th cross Malleshwaram. And by 12 pm, all the shops are open. You can get every item that is on the globe in this area within your budget.

Hungry? Then for breakfast and lunch, you have Halli Mane along with many hotels. If you want to go to Malls, then play a visit to Mantri Mall situated just beside Malleshwaram Circle. And if you want to go to a mall, catch the metro at the station near Mantri Square and go to Orion Mall to regale yourself.

Best Places To Roam Around In Bangalore – Lakes

As already mentioned, Bangalore was once known as the City of Lakes. And if you want to know about the location of lakes in the city, they are as follows –

• Ulsoor Lake
• Madiwala Lake
• Kaikondrahalli Lake
• Sankey Tank
• Kommaghatta Lake (near Kengeri)
• Hesarghatta Lake

Go from your hotel on a bike to these places. And if you want to have a boat ride, ensure you know the timing of the place. For example, Sankey Tank is closed on certain days.

Best Places To Roam Around In Bangalore For Temples

10. Rare Temple: Dedicated To Pandavas

The two religious famous epics of India are Ramayana and Mahabharata. Mahabharata is mainly focused on the war between the Pandavas and Kauravas. In the entire country, there is no temple built for the Pandavas except in Bangalore. Interested? Then the place to visit is Dharmaraya Swamy Temple (Thigalarpet). The age of this temple as per the Archaeological Survey of India is 800 years.

11. Biggest Snake God Idol

India is known as the Land of Karma. The country is famous for its spiritual texts and mysticism. And in Bangalore as well as other parts of India, snakes are worshipped as Gods. If you are a spiritual guy, take time to visit the Mukthi Naga temple where you can find the biggest idol of Serpent God. This place is known as Mukthi Naga Kshetra and in olden times was known by the name “Junjappa Bailu.”

Image taken from

The idol height is 16 feet and weighs around 56 tons. The entire place gives an aura of spirituality in your mind. You can reach this place from Bangalore city by bike along with your spouse. The temple is located at Ramohalli Bus Stand besides Kengeri.

Best Places To Roam Around In Bangalore For Budget Shopping

Are you surprised? Bangalore is known as the city which houses the maximum number of software engineers. But yes, there are some places to do budget shopping. Yes, we agree that the trend is to do online shopping. Yet, budget shopping has its own share of beautiful experiences such as the hustle and bustle of crowds, bargaining amidst the local small roads.

12. Ramachandrapuram

It is not a secret place but is located in the small roads of Okalipuram a few km from the Majestic Bus Stand and Bangalore Railway Station. If you want to buy fabrics, bedsheets wholesale, then this is the place to go to. The other items you can get in plenty in Ramachandrapuram are mats, trousers, shirts, and towels. You can also find branded clothing for a cheap price. If you are new to this place, please take someone who knows the native language to get the best deals. The Nearest Metro Station is Srirampura or Devaiah Park.

13. Sunday Bazaar

Do you want to purchase second-hand goods such as musical instruments, dumbbells, electronic goods, then this is the place and the time? This market is open only on Sundays, Chikpet. If you are lucky, you can get the best for a small price. If you have children, keep a sharp eye. The entire place will be crowded. You can go to this place from Majestic on your bike or catch the train to Chikpet Metro Station.

14. Avenue Road

Are you a book lover? Do you want to purchase the best books at throwaway prices? Then go for a walk along the Avenue Road with your spouse. The entire area is very large. You can find bookstalls of all types, many selling educational books. Do not forget to visit the Raja market where you can get the jewelry of all types. And yes, you can also visit the old temples present amidst the book shops.

Best Places To Roam Around In Bangalore – Parks

15. Cubbon Park

The official name of this park is Sri Chamarajendra Park. The total area is 100 acres. The place is not only home to flora and fauna, but also houses several Government buildings (prominent among them Vidhana Soudha and High Court) and statues of personalities (example – Queen Victoria statue).

People around the area throng the park in the mornings and evenings to get fresh air. It is also a favorite spot for nature enthusiasts who are interested in plants.

16. Lalbagh

In English, the words mean the Red Garden. It is a popular garden in the south part of Bangalore. It is famous for its glass house dating back to 1889. The garden was first started in the period of Hyder Ali, but it was Tipu Sultan who brought plants from other countries and made the garden excel in the flora of all types. This garden has four gates.


So in this article, you have gained information on the best places to roam around in Bangalore. If you are a software engineer from another Indian State and have come here for work purposes, you can benefit from reading this article. Please note, we have given places you can reach with your bike.

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