Now Google Planning to Add Ad Blocker Feature for Chrome

Now Google is planning to add new ad-blocking feature in the Desktop and Mobile versions of their popular web browser Chrome as per the report.

We can expect that Google will be announced this within weeks, but how, is still disputable. As per the reports, Google is thinking on two options for implementing this feature in their popular web browser Chrome.

One option is to block all ads which appears on the websites with humiliating ads, instead of personal humiliating ads. In this case, website owners may need to confirm that all ads meet the set standards. However, this action will impress Google online revenue in vest.

The second option is to only block the humiliating ads in the question.

The Google Chrome browser now accounts for a large section of web-browsing worldwide, so switching on ad-filters but it could give more controls to Google on the ad-blocking case, industry observers say.

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