Google introduced New ‘Veteran-led’ Attribute in Google Business Listing

Recently, in March 2018, a new attribute was added by Google to My Business profiles, titled ‘Women-led’ attribute. Now, again it has made an announcement of adding the same attribute for veteran-run businesses. This attribute would be the second business owner identity feature after women-led features introduced by Google.

Now, it would be excessively simple & easy for customers to found you, as, on Google Search & Maps, it will easily identify your local veteran-led businesses. If the business you are carrying on has been founded, owned and led by a veteran then via Google My Business, you can enable this new feature ‘Veteran-Led’. On the Google listing, it will start highlighting your business besides some other related details like, ‘Outdoor Seating’ or ‘Has Wi-Fi’. So, Google is helping the veteran community, technologically.

Both these attributes, veteran-led and women-led are being exclusively controlled by the owners of the business and they can do editing anytime in GMB (Google My Business) profile. You can find the attributes under the ‘About’ tab.

If we check US government data, then as per Google, veterans own 2.5 million small businesses (a rough idea) and this quantum is around 10% of whole small scale business units of the whole US country till date.

Well, who will take benefit of these (veteran-led and women-led) attributes, is not clear at all. It all depends on their alertness about new updates. However, for many, this update will certainly be quite meaningful. And, Google will add more attributes in the upcoming time period which are just two till now. Above all, this technological initiative by Google for veteran businesses will prove as a helping hand in maintaining a loyal customer base.

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