Hina did big disclosures in the show that mad lover had shot Sapna Chaudhary

The house of Bigg Boss got the first captain. Housemates chose Vikas as their first captain. With this, Vikas has safe from next week’s nominations. Contestants of the Bigg Boss house change their colors every day.

Till date, who were enemies, today they became friends. Till yesterday, Arshi and Vikas were fighting in the house, Today they are supporting each other. After nomination, the contestants’ behavior change.

This week, Sapna Chaudhary, Shivani Durga, Jyoti Kumari, Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan have been nominated. And viewers are wanting to know this, that who will be out of the house this time.

The same way, discussions are also underway in this house. Talk about getting out of the house, Hina Khan Disclosure some secret about Sapna Choudhary. Which was hidden to this day. Hina told that Sapna was shot one time.

Hina Khan, Love and Mahjabeen were talking about that’s who can go out from the house. Then Mahjabeen and Love told that the sapna is very popular, they will not go. Her fan following is too much. Mahjibi also said that once he had consumed poison.

After that, Hina told that once a man had shot him on the head. Hina said that the Sapna had started her work with this person. He loved with Sapna but he was already married. When that person proposed Sapna, then Sapna says NO.

Angered by this, during a party, that person had shot Sapna. The bullet was touched only Sapna’s head. After this her brother come front of Sapna, and he shoots by three bullets. Both were staying in Hospital for many days. But Sapna didn’t send that person to jail.

Hina said that Sapna believes that the person is very embarrassed and now he will not do such a mistake. So she left it. Love and Mahjabeen were shocking to hear this. Hina said that this story was told by Sapna to Housemates.

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