Boss Boss 11: Arshi Khan will cross the limits in today Show

There’s always someone spectacle in Bigg Boss house. In this house everyone wants other contestants’ attention on them. Shilpa Shinde is always irritated Vikas Gupta from her nautanki. So Arshi Khan starts singing behind any contestant.

She had crossed her limits on the first day of Bigg Bass, but this time, she did something new in the Bigg Boss house, after seeing her, the other members of the house bowed down their heads in shame. Arshi started something like this in the extent of her madness, that Shilpa Shinde had to come forward to handle her.

Yes, in the house of Bigg Bass on Wednesday, you will get to see a fight between the Sapna and the Arshi. Even the whole house will stand against Arshi. But Arshi did not react to that.

Arshi and Sapna Fight Video

She started enjoying, so that they will start pulling their gown slowly by standing in front of the camera. After looking at this incident, Shilpa immediately tried to wear them gown. But Arshi did not understand.

Here is some Pics

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