Bigg Boss House Love Birds: Hina Given New Name to Bandagi and Puneesh “Pungi”

In the house of Bigg Boss, you have seen many things like tremendous fights, abuse, tantra-mantra, But in this house there has love started between Bandagi and Puneesh. By the way, this happens in Bigg Boss House every season. But this season Bandagi and Puneesh started liking each other from first days of Bigg Boss House Entry. And now the famous celebrity of the house Hina Khan has given the nickname of this couple. Hina called them “Pungi”. After listening this name everyone laughed in the house.

Actually, everybody was talking in the house, then Hina say that till now people will be given nickname to Bandagi and Puneesh “Pungi”. She give example, Pun from Puneesh and Gi from Bandagi. But it seems that Puneesh did not like this name, Bandagi and Puneesh made a name for himself ‘Baneesh’.

You also see how Hina Khan kept the name of Puneesh and Bandagi.

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