Bigg Boss 11: Twitter Trolled Hina, for Fight with Shilpa for a Parantha

The housemates of Bigg Boss 11 are don’t want to live peacefully in the house and they all are creating issues just to ensure that they can build drama. In fact, the host Salman Khan is extremely upset with the contestants and all the nonsense that is going in the house.

In a yesterday episode, Hina started a fight with Shilpa over a parantha. Yes, you read it right!

Hina was yelling and saying that it’s her parantha and she will do whatever she wants to do with her parantha. And, Shilpa Shinde says that she did not get a parantha to eat, while Hina is wasting a parantha.

After during her fight, Puneesh thrown Akash’s egg and that time, Hina Khan says that nobody should waste food, if anyone wasted food she will not support that person and now she is doing it herself.

Watch The Video:

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