Bigg Boss 11: Trigger Human Emotions in Robots in New Task ‘BB Lab’

After every week in the BB house is making the scenario increasingly acute. This week luxury budget task that the contestants are forced to reveal their true emotions in front of others housemates.

The task name BB Lab. As per the task Vikas, Arshi, Shilpa and Luv will be the workers of the lab, while Hina, Hiten, Akash and Priyank will be the robots. The workers job will be to try bringing out one given feeling out of the robots every time after there is a robotic sound played in the BB house.

The workers will doing many thing in this task to manifest what they genuinely feel about those contestants (robots) specifically while trying to pull forth anger from the robots!
At one of the examples, when Vikas gets his opportunity to make them angry he blurts out things against Priyank & Hina. Same thing happens with Akash. But whether the workers successful to make robots angry this way or not is something we all need to watch.

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