Bigg Boss 11: Tonight After all allegations, Hina Khan will able prove her innocence.

Every contestant of Bigg Boss house have complained about Hina Khan’s behavior and attitude. Tonight episode, she will be answering all the questions of her co-contestants by stand in witness box, who are facing problems, because of her behavior currently and in past.

One of those allegations had alleged that she was in jail during his fight with Arshi, during in jail which she had proved completely wrong during the recent luxury budget task, you will be able to see what all this is all about. Secondly Arshi reminded so many time her about her using English language, and she asked, she will continue or change this habit? Hina replied and said that earlier Bigg Boss reminded her four times, but now reminder come only two times, which means that she is change this habit.

Further Sapna Choudhary says, why is it always about “I” “ME” or “MYSELF” in her case, which Hina said there’s nothing like that.

Hina Said to defending herself that she is a human too and do mistakes, but it’s just that her endurance level might be lesser than the co-contestants and she accepts this fact.

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