Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa and Sapna Get Into a Fight – Watch Video

Bigg Boss 11 Housemates Sapna and Shilpa get into a fight after Akash provoke Sapna against Shilpa.

A new day start in the bigg boss 11 with a negative note. The new day start with a heated argument between Sapna and Shilpa. Akash went to Sapna Choudhary declare how Shilpa Shinde has made some comment on her.

Which isn’t go well with Sapna, and she walked towards Shilpa and asking to her about the comment she did on her. Shilpa refusable making any such remark on her ‘standard’. Shilpa Shinde, who has been remarking on everyone in the house, has in the end got a relish of her own medicine.

Hina, who was additionally present amid the contention, likewise got into a fight with Shilpa. Well, as the game is getting near & serious; things are turning more exceptional for the contestants. In the Bigg Boss 11 house day is not go without arguments and fight.

Watch video here:

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