Bigg Boss 11: Recent fight between Vikas and Shilpa Proved that things are yet bitterish between them

Before yesterday episode, everyone had started thinking that Vikas and Shilpa started maintain new relationship in the house and they will not fight again. But in a recent episode, we saw fight between Shilpa and Vikas. But things doesn’t look like this yet.

In last episode of Bigg Boss 11 we saw how Vikas and Shilpa start fight once again, because shilpa want to steal Vikas money. In the procedure she rush into on Vikas which alert him and he stops her from doing that. Shilpa shouts and say that he can not get physical with her. The contestants rush at the visual and the supporters tell that Shilpa provoked Vikas to doing that.

The fight between both are still continue, because both keep blabbering against each other.

In the whole fight we saw, they both show their hidden anger at each other.

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