Bigg Boss 11: Hina, Akash and Hiten Are Save This Week

Tonight episode of Bigg Boss, some housemates will be nominated, but Bigg Boss also give them chance to save their self. But this chance can be cross all limits. Let’s know these terms of Bigg Boss.

Let’s tell you that in the show of tonight, Hina, Akash, Benafsha will be nominated, and Bigg Boss will give them an opportunity to save themselves from the nomination. Actually, Hina has been nominated by herself mistake because she first picked up the phone after going to the booth, and due to which Bigg Boss put her in the the nomination.

Let’s tell you that Bigg Boss says that if Heena wants to be safe, then luv will have to write zero on the forehead from Sapna with Mahandi. If luv did this then they will be able to save Hina.

Second number of nomination will be Akash Dadlani. Bigg Boss has given a condition to Akash, that he asked Hiten Tejwani that which photoframe he had got on Diwali, can he leave that photo frame in store room. Tell you that the photo frame is now kept in the Bigg Boss store room.

In the last, the nomination comes on Hiten. Tell you that Hiten has been given the biggest challenge to protect himself from the nomination. Bigg Boss tried his best to trap him but Priyank lost his hair to save Hiten. Actually, Bigg Boss tell to Hiten that if he want to save himself, so Priyank will have to cut his head hair from Hina, and Priyank agreed for this.

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