Bigg Boss 11: Heart Touching Moments in Tonight’s Episode

This week’s nominations have been really unique. Nobody have thought what must have planned to come up in Bigg Boss. As the contestant would continue sacrifices of their particular stuffs, tonight episode’s some moments which are actually very emotional.

Especially, when Vikas will sacrifices his favorite jacket ‘Lostboys’ to saved Shilpa from nominations. Surprisingly, Vikas joyfully does as such! This acquires tears Shilpa’s eyes. The discussion between the Vikas and Shilpa over this will certainly touch your hearts.

The other side, Hina will have to destroy her soft toy ‘Poo’ to save Luv from nominations. Hina said she has carried ‘Poo’ with her everywhere. But in the last she destroy ‘Poo’ for save her friend Luv.

Also Akash have the opportunity to save bandagi, but he have to shaved his head hair. Will he do it?

These were only a couple of things be mentioned, there is much more going to happen tonight!

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