Bigg Boss 11: Because of Hina’s this action “Wining Price Money” Become Zero

Under the luxury budget task in Bigg Boss, Hina Khan seems to be stuck. Let tell you that she have done a lot of dishonesty in the task, due to which the prize money of the show has become zero.

Last night, in the luxury budget Task in the house, the Bigg Boss would give the prize money to the longest sitting in the space rocket under the ‘Mission BB-11’. But if anyone tries to get out from before time, then his “Winning Prize Money” will be deducted from the voucher.

Let tell you that Hina Khan made a big mistake according to the game. Hina Khan’s dishonest behavior in the game, everyone has lost “Winning Prize Money”. The reason of this the non-responsible behavior of Puneesh is being told. But Hina has blamed herself for this mistake.

Tell you that Puneesh was the operator (Sanchalak) of the task, and he went to sleep in the romance with Bandagi. Puneesh went to sleep, after that every contestant got down from the rocket for pee. After the task, Hina was crying in the entire midday house that she should not have done this.

Actually, the Vikas was not get down to the rocket for pee. Puneesh bring a bean bag for Vikas and pee in it. But after this, Hina also had urine and she took help of Priyank and Vikas for pee, which led to the ‘Winning Prize Money’ cut of the house.

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