Bigg Boss 11: As the lights of the house were closed, what does this couple?

Bigg Boss 11, Punish and Bandgi is working on love chemistry to live in the house. Once again on the 10th day, after the lights of the house were closed, late night, they both become Kozi again with each other. After all, what has started between this couple? What they both do, after closed light?

The fight and abusing in the house happen every day. Even after this, Bandgi and Punish are starting to promote love in the house. The love of both of them is going on in the big screen. Punish openly kissed bandgi’s hand and cheek. But the most surprising thing is this that both love started after the light of the house is closed. Both are seen romancing at 1, 2 or 3 o’clock in the night.

Recently, Punish showed courage and pulled to Bandgi in his arms, and kissed her face. Tell you that, on the 10th day, at around 2.45 pm, you can see both of them in romance.

Punish was saying to the Bandgi that nowadays she spending time with other male contestants of the house. Which does not look good for him. Punish say that, he doesn’t like Akash, Vikas and Love. And they cannot tolerate the bandgi talk them. Punish said to the bandgi that if she has any personal work he would say only to Punish. Now the point is whether, romance between Punish and Bandgi is real, or it is all for publicity.

Here some pics

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