Bigg Boss 11: Arshi start cry when Sapna said ‘Pune and Goa’, what is it?

Priyank was good when he was not inside the Bigg Boss house. Or maybe not, because finally he has back in the house with some real tension that was so far only about messy abuses & empty wailing.

After punching Akash Dadlani, Priyank kicked out from the house in the first week of the show, after demand of Priyank’s fans Bigg Boss gives him one more chance in the house. However, Bigg Boss warned him to not disclose any news about outside of the house, if he will reveal any details, he will throw out of the house again, but he does just that.

After back in the house, he tells Sapna Choudhary secret of Arshi Khan, when Sapna and Arshi were fighting, Sapna uses the words ‘Pune and Goa’, which is secret of Arshi. After hearing those words Arshi looks dumbfound and Arshi said to Priyank, why he told Sapna Chaudhary about her secret. Priyank said to her, he didn’t tell Sapna anything.

Then Arshi is start crying because she is scared if her parents knew about her secret, what they will think. Apparently, she said that she has a police case, in Pune and Goa.

After Arshi, Priyank tells Bandagi that he has researched on Puneesh and he may be a good friend, but she thinks about her relationship with her. Priyank tells her that Puneesh is a married & has a kid. While Bandagi already knew that Puneesh was married, but he had told her that he doesn’t have a kid. She asked him again, but he denies it once again.

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