What Are the Best Identity Theft Protection Service Companies to Go With?

Cyberspace is filled with dark digital bandits who have mastered the art of online identity theft to near perfection. Although there are many identity verification solutions that claim to be the best identity theft protection service provider, most of them are focused on the identity theft prevention challenges for individuals. Hardly, any reputable online identity theft protection is available for businesses that want to secure their interest against this digital menace of online identity theft. So, here is a list of identity theft prevention tools that can be utilised for better handling personal identity credentials for hassle-free operations.

Privacy Guard

It is an online identity theft prevention solution that is ideal for users that are looking to avoid identity theft that might lead to credit card fraud. Mostly targeted towards an American audience, it puts in place a tracking mechanism to check the credit history of their customers. Using resources such as public records and social security numbers, Privacy Guard performs checks on behalf of their customers to ensure that their identity credentials were not used in consuming credit that was not requested by those specific individuals.


Considered a reputable identity theft protection solution, identity face offers wide-ranging monitoring services. Customers of identity fraud are fully secure from falling a prey to medical ID fraud, ensuring that their medical insurance has not been out-spent whenever they are in need of emergency healthcare. Computer protection software takes care of their digital identity and customizable banking alerts secure the individuals from any banking fraud or identity theft scenario where their bank funds are totally cashed out.

ID shield

This online theft protection system is ideal for mobile users because of its highly rated mobile app on play store. It even offers an affordable family plan, something that is not available to IdentityForce customers. Although it offers limited credit monitoring service to its customers, it does provide reliable credit card and bank account monitoring service to its customers. One of the features that have attracted a large user base for ID Sheild is its identity restoration services which in turn are leveraged by Kroll’s licensed investigators.

Experian identity Works

Offering 30-day trial to give a test of its services to its future customers, Experian is only bogged down by its frequent complaints of poor service standards. The identity theft prevention solution offers family coverage at a reasonable price, something that makes it competitive in the identity theft prevention industry. With features such as credit score simulator and detailed credit monitoring, Experian works just fine for individuals who want a comprehensive identity theft protection for their personal and financial credentials.

Identity theft protection – The Ultimate Conundrum

Most of the identity verification systems claiming to be “Best Identity theft protection solution” actually cater to the individual needs of users. Very few of them have a business model that offers fraud prevention and online identity theft protection for businesses. Generally, individuals users are the bigger focus for online identity theft protection companies. But, businesses are also equally in need of a reliable identity verification system that can act as identity theft protection solution for them. This is where Shufti Pro becomes an ideal choice for businesses across the globe.

Shufti Pro

This is an identity verification solution based on Artificial Intelligence that offers KYC and AML compliance solutions to its customer. A perfect tool for online identity theft protection, real-time verification results are provided to customers of Shufti Pro to avoid any bottlenecks in the client onboarding process. Facial verification, document verification, and address verification are few of the many verification services and solutions offered by Shufti Pro that enables businesses to make sure of a potential customer’s identity before they are brought on for service delivery.

What makes Shufti Pro one of the best identity theft protection solution, is its hybrid technology of AI and Human intelligence which provides 99.6% success rates. It means that is virtually impossible for Shufti Pro customers to register users that have stolen identity credentials from someone else and wants to use them for either credit fraud, perform transactions or any other action that they are not actually authorized to perform. Unlike individuals-only identity theft protection software, Shufti Pro is designed to protect online businesses and companies with a digital footprint from online identity theft. Universal Language Coverage and availability in every country of the world makes Shufti Pro an ideal choice for businesses operating at the Multi-national level or in different regions of the globe. Uniform user experience is promised by Shufti Pro regardless of the time-zone in which a particular is residing. This is more than any other SaaS product offering online identity theft protection solution can promise.

Unlike many other online identity theft protection companies, Shufti Pro doesn’t want its customers to sign up for its service by paying any monthly or annual subscription fee. They are offering their customers “Pay As You Go” feature which means that a particular customer of Shufti Pro has to pay a one-time setup fee and afterwards they top up their account with a reasonable amount as pre-paid balance. Every time a verification is performed, charges will be deducted directly from the user account.

AML Checks from Shufti Pro goes a step beyond ordinary identity theft protection and even ensure that the future customers or users of a service or organization do not pose a financial risk to the operations of that company. A large databank is compiled from Shufti Pro using 3000 databases and 1000 sanction lists and watchlists are used to perform AML background checks to examine the true identity of a user against possible financial risk it might pose for a business. This large databank is updated every 14 minutes and everytime a user appears or is dropped from a financial risk database, AML databank updates the status of that individual accordingly.

In the modern age where online identity theft is causing losses of billions, businesses and companies need to tighten their approach towards online identity theft prevention and Shufti Pro is surely the best identity theft protection available for businesses in modern day with such a large range of favorable features.

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