Awesome Websites to help you obtain a Car faster in Sri Lanka

The automotive industry has seen a boom in recent years as it has grown. In the year 2013, Sri Lanka alone sold over 1.22 million cars which were brand new either via online or through brick and mortar dealerships/establishments.

These sales were an increase from the previous year by 10%. Down the line as well experts suggest that the growth will continue to increase by 10% and may be even more. The marketplace is booming with buying and selling of cars but did you know there is also a thriving place on the internet?

In this article we have compiled a list of websites such as Auction House Japan from where you can buy your dream car if you are located in Sri Lanka.


Mobil123 is known for housing over 200,000 listings at one point in time which led to a million visitors. It is easily one of the largest automotive marketplaces across Sri Lanka. It was founded in the year 2008 and then later in 2012, it was purchased by Australia based iCar Asia.

The iCar Asia’s office is situated in the city of Kuala Lumpur and among the ASEAN countries, it is the biggest automotive network till date. It also has other businesses under its wing such as and in Thailand in addition to, and in Malaysia.


Carmudi happens to be a relatively newcomer in the field of automotive. It was established in the year 2014 and is already swarming with 4,000 listings. The team at Carmudi is positive that they will one day rule the automotive marketplace of Sri Lanka and not just in used cars but also in the domain of brand new cars.

Carmudi partners with local dealers as well as with used car distributors for example, Sky Moto and Galeri Mobile so as to facilitate listings for the site. Since Carmudi is part of Rocket Internet it is a world renowned brand and has its sister concerns opened across the regions such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines and Myanmar.


This website is an extension of its physical establishment. The brick and mortar establishment of RajaMobil has been around for a while and was enacted in the year 2012 by an official Toyota dealer, Plaza Toyota. Since its inception the sales of RajaMobil have surpassed Toyota as it has also incorporated different car manufacturers in its arsenal.

RajaMobil has access to some 35,000 listings comprising official dealerships, used car dealers in addition to privately owned reconditioned cars. The site has varying offerings for those who eye luxurious car brands from the likes of Ferrari and Porsche.


It was once a subsidiary of which used to be among Sri Lanka’s largest media sites. However, Otosia’s readership grew with time and Kapanlagi was convinced that Otosia cannot go without transforming it into standalone web portal.

Otosia’s main content deals with automotive news in Sri Lanka but it also has a sub-directory which tends to look into the buying and selling of brand new as well as used cars. The site to its credit has more than 15,000 listings and ranges from everything to pick-up trucks and luxury vehicles. If you want to shop online for your, this should be your go-to site.


The site came into being in 2009 and since then mobilbekas has turned into a leading automotive marketplaces in the whole of Sri Lanka. The basic listings are over 87,000 from 64,000 in ad-listers. One more thing; mobilbekas has developed an edge over its competition.

Where exactly do they have the edge? They have it in the form of widened customer base. It is mentioned on the website of mobilbekas that they have more than 59,000 users registered on their website. Not just users but also dealers as much as 400 in count. This only means one thing for you which is – greater variety to select from.

In Conclusion

The automobile industry is an expanding one. New technology and advanced mechanics come into play when it manufacturing vehicles. Hence, these websites not only provides with insights into what’s latest in car world but also provides you detailed info on its specifications, Japanese used cars features and idea about its price in the market elsewhere.

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